The Medical Massage Place

Bodywork Services

-Can be received clothed or with sheets for draping

protecting your modesty

Quick Fix

$40- 30 minutes

This massage is designed for those that need a quick fix for instant relief from any headaches or shoulder tension, muscle soreness or tightness, sinus congestion, etc. but don't have the time for a full massage session. A great option for a short break in the day to get you back in shape. ( No need to remove any clothing for this massage.)

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Pediatric Massage

$65- 45 min

Customized massage for children from ages starting at 3 years old up to 12 years old. Includes assessment & tutorial and can be beneficial for reducing anxiety, aggression, ADHD, hypertonicity, JRA, sleep disorders, back pain from text-neck and

back -packs and much more! Service MAY include hydrotherapy and parent tutorial. PARENTS MUST BE PRESENT in the office or treatment room.

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Medical Massage

$80- 60 minutes

Massage performed with a desired outcome using assessment, working around or to relieve doctor diagnosed conditions or injuries . Includes various techniques-Trigger point, neuromuscular, myofascial, cupping, postural assessment,etc. First session includes assessment during scheduled appointment time


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$80-120 = 60-90 min

Full body massage with focus on areas that need extra time to resolve. Application of various techniques including Neural Reset therapy, Trigger point, Swedish Massage, MFR, PIR stretches, cupping, hot stones, massage gun etc.

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P​re-natal Massage

$80 - 60 min

Massage for mother-to-be

Great for preparation for labor, decrease of  muscle tension and pain, swelling, leg cramps and more. Offering sidelying position or special prenatal face-down pillow

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Stone Massage

$90 -60 minute​

Full body massage with heated Syn​ergy stones to calm the nerves and release overall tension and stress

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